Holistic Healing in the Comfort of Your Home

Dr. Angie Krause

Holistic Healing in the Comfort of Your Home

Dr. Angie Krause




The products I have available for purchase on this site are only those that I have personally used on my own pets or recommend using on my patients. Please contact me if you have any questions regarding any of the supplements.

Welcome to Boulder Holistic Vet!

Welcome to Boulder Holistic Vet! If you are interested in holistic medicine for your cat or dog, you are in the right place! Please make yourself at home and look around. Check out the blog for tips on caring for your pets naturally. If you want to dive deeper, I teach online courses for pet parents just like you! Click here to learn more. Have a question? Send me an email or find me on Facebook. Want to become a client? Click here to schedule online, or call 720-503-6646. I am so happy you are here and can’t wait to meet you!

With love, Dr. Angie

About Dr. Angie

I am Dr. Angie Krause and my goal is to improve the health and longevity of dogs and cats with holistic medicine. My mission is to empower pet owners to become medical advocates for their pets. I am a Western trained veterinarian who incorporates many modalities in my practice.


We are a house call practice in Boulder, Colorado. Dr. Angie is also available for phone consultation if you live outside of my travel area. We serve Boulder, Louisville, Superior, Lafayette, Erie, Niwot, Broomfield and Westminster. We provide complete care for cats and dogs including wellness exams, lab work, vaccines (when indicated and desired), acupuncture, laser therapy, physical therapy, massage therapy, nutritional therapy and herbal therapy.

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Empower yourself with knowledge to be the best medical advocate for your pet! You can find actionable articles and videos about everything from diet to behavior. On the blog page, sign up to be notified when we release new material.

Learn From Me

I am passionate about teaching pet parents how to use a holistic approach to care for their beloved furry family member. Here you will find on-demand courses to provide you with a wealth of information. Dr. Angie is continually updating her courses so that you get lifetime access to the latest medicine has to offer. Come check it out!

“Jaynie has had issues with food allergies, inflammation and back pain. Traditional vets were fast to inject her with steroids, prescribe medication and recommend food filled with unsavory ingredients. Luckily, we found Dr. Angie at Boulder Holistic Vet and her treatments have made a huge difference in our pup’s life.

Jaynie is now on a healthy diet, featuring raw food, ferments and homemade chicken stock. Through acupuncture treatments, she is back to normal—after being told she’d possibly need spinal surgery. We are so happy (and relived) that Jaynie is thriving thanks to Dr. Angie and her team.”

~Nikki & Josh

“I initially called Dr. Angie because Frida had issues with incontinence and Maggie had started having seizures earlier that year. I had been avoiding the vet, because I really didn’t want to load them up with medication that would have terrible side-effects. I voiced my concerns to Dr. Angie and she was able to prescribe Chinese herbs for both of my dogs. Maggie’s seizures have significantly reduced and Frida no longer deals with incontinence. I would highly recommend Dr. Angie and her services.”


“When Squeaky started developing the same symptoms Wiggles had, Dr. Angie and Claire were on top of it with good advice, and now he’s better.  They saved him.  And they care about me, and about our relationship. It’s not just a business. That’s a real treasure that is rare in this world, and I thank you, Angie and Claire.  Squeaky and Caboodle are looking forward to a long and healthy life, and me, a happier life, with your help.”


” From her happy smile entering the door, to her calm and collectiveness while performing the grossest of tasks (my dog needs his anal glands expressed EVERY visit) she is the sweetest and most caring vet around! Her holistic approach literally saved our 8 year old orange tabby after a severe allergic reaction to a rabies vaccine. She has not only made an impact on his life in healing him, but she brought my baby Chester back to life when he was at his lowest low. “

~Ana, Josh, Hank, Chester, Louis & Smudge


I am looking forward to helping you and your pet! You can email me in the contact form below or you can call me to set up an appointment! Talk to you soon!

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