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Our Furry Friends Love Us and So Do Their Pet Parents!

Here's what they're saying...

Boulder Holistic Vet feels like the new generation of veterinary care, in every positive way!

We are so impressed with Dr. Krause's intelligence and her intuitive understanding of the care that our elderly orange cat needs at this stage of his life. We are equally impressed with her team who offer services including laser therapy, massage and acupuncture.These ladies are highly skilled and passionate about their work with animals and if we could choose anyone to care for our cat, these ladies would be our dream team. By allowing us to choose the care that is right for us, we are free from the unfortunate guilt trip that so many of us have experienced recently from veterinary care. We do also love that Dr. Krause is able to provide care in our home, which really helps to minimize stress for our cat (and for us). We are very grateful to have found Boulder Holistic Vet - thank you!

~Melanie, Lauren & George

jayne client testimonial boulderholisticvet

She is back to normal after issues with food allergies, inflammation, and back pain...

When my husband and I moved to Boulder, we knew we wanted to find a holistic vet to care for our dog, Jaynie. Jaynie has had issues with food allergies, inflammation and back pain. Traditional vets were fast to inject her with steroids, prescribe medication and recommend food filled with unsavory ingredients. Luckily, we found Dr. Angie at Boulder Holistic Vet and her treatments have made a huge difference in our pup’s life.

Jaynie is now on a healthy diet, featuring raw food, ferments and homemade chicken stock. Through acupuncture treatments, she is back to normal—after being told she’d possibly need spinal surgery. We are so happy (and relieved) that Jaynie is thriving thanks to Dr. Angie and her team.

I’d highly recommend Boulder Holistic Vet to any pet parents looking to holistically and naturally heal and care for their furry babies.

~ Nikki, Josh and Jaynie

squeaky client testimonial boulderholisticvet

I was reluctant to ever talk to a vet again until I met Dr. Angie...

Some of us are just naturally sensitive people, and want a natural, stress-free, gentle, and home-grown way of caring for our pets.

Conventional veterinarians, who run chemically and surgically-based “Animal Hospitals” (just the term makes my skin crawl) where they take your sensitive animal into their “back room” for tests (traumatizing the animal with abandonment fears and who knows what else — and are those tests really necessary?), balk if you can’t pay $1000 a night to put your sick pet in an emergency hospital, don’t seem to know a single natural home remedy but have lots of things that cost $40 to $300 a pop (and of course you usually need 3 or 4 of them, not bad for someone with bottomless pockets), and refuse to help with raw feeding advice (do you really think canned food is good for anyone? Do you like it?), are NOT the veterinarians for us. Some vets just seem to value the bottom line or the pet-product industry more than the welfare of animals and their bonded humans.

Yes, the above were some of my experiences with vets both conventional and holistic. I am a holistic practitioner in the human world and have spent most of my life studying how to care for chronic illness and how each human giving that care makes a difference.

After my beloved Wiggles died from the above described type of veterinary non-care and because I experienced deep trauma myself from not getting what I needed to help my cat, I was reluctant to ever talk to a vet again. My cat shouldn’t have died, and I am still devastated.

I still needed to care for Wiggles’ brother, Squeaky, though, so I searched for a holistic vet who makes house calls. I was fortunate to find Dr. Angie and Claire. The two of them are a wonderful team who give me a lot to be grateful for. They listen to me, to help me process my ongoing grief and anger, and they actually hear what I am saying and use it to inform how they practice veterinary care. They help me find solutions that work with my budget. They come to my house, saving both me and my furry friends from stress.

This dynamic duo is a gentle team who doesn’t force anything unnecessary upon me or my animals. They scope out the best compassionate care backup resources (brick-and-mortar vets) and recommended books to me to help me learn the best way to raw feed my pets. They are helping me make plans for the future (I want my pets to die at home and I want to plan a better experience than the trauma that happened with my beloved Wiggles).

When Squeaky started developing the same symptoms Wiggles had, Dr. Angie and Claire were on top of it with good advice, and now he’s better. They saved him. And they care about me, and about our relationship. It’s not just a business. That’s a real treasure that is rare in this world, and I thank you, Angie and Claire. Squeaky and Caboodle are looking forward to a long and healthy life, and me, a happier life, with your help.

~Jan, Squeaky and Caboodle

sydney client testimonial boulderholisticvet

Dr. Angie knows her science behind recommendations...

We view medicine and health as inherently holistic, and from personal experience have found that Western medicine alone can often miss the bigger picture when it comes to preventative and less invasive, natural options—hence our choosing a holistic veterinarian!

When we got Sydney as a young puppy, it was clear that his immune system was compromised, and we had many questions and concerns regarding vaccinations and how to help his whole body heal. Angie was very patient and thorough in answering our questions and integrates both traditional Western medical wisdom along with alternative options.

It is clear to me that Dr. Angie knows the science behind her recommendations, and is willing to explain the science to pet-parents who are interested in a deeper understanding. I really appreciate this, and would highly recommend Dr. Angie Krause to anyone looking for a vet who is not only professional, but also willing to get to know both you and your pet personally to ensure your individual needs are met!

~ Maggie and Sydney

riley client testimonial boulderholisticvet

I'm impressed with her approach and her use of technology...

After a very scary encounter with a local vet, I sought out an alternative service with holistic approach. Fortunately I found Dr. Angie and her assistant! They came to my apartment , consulted with me about his care and paid attention to my concerns. I am impressed with her approach and her use of technology. Highest recommendation to this wonderful service.

~ Michael and Riley

na'ama client testimonial boulderholisticvet

She’s very compassionate and willing to listen and understand...

Angie is amazing!!! I love her.

I usually would have for my dog a conventional vet as well as holistic since I believe that in order for me to make the best decision for my dog having few viewpoints are better than one, Angie has both!

Her unique approach amazed me, she’s the best of both worlds. She’s very compassionate and willing to listen and understand, she’s open minded and work TOGETHER with you to get the best results. Angie includes what you feel want and willing to do into account, she’s thrilled that I initiate actions and solutions to help my dog and is very gentle in her approach. She won’t hesitate to suggest other practitioners to help your sweet dog to be the best they can be.

Another thing I absolutely like about Angie is that she truly cares about animals and their owners, she writes articles and has a newsletter, she’s up to date with things and keeps learning. I feel I’m in good hands and worry free having her as our vet.

~ Na'ama

After trying 4 different veterinary clinics in Boulder, I’ve finally found my ideal vet!


Our family got our first puppy last year and I had tons of questions and concerns. We definitely emphasize whole food nutrition and limit the amount of medical intervention with our kiddos. I realized after getting a puppy we wanted to care for our new furry child in the same manner. 


Dr. Angie is the perfect blend of holistic and traditional. I loooove that she comes to our home. Doing a check up in his own familiar space, Bear has no need to get nervous and can be his happy self. I also appreciate the amount of time and attention we receive during a home visit. Having full attention to relax and talk to a vet without interruption is wonderful. I never feel rushed and have learned so much from our conversations.


I appreciate that Dr. Angie respects our medical concerns with antibiotics and the worry for over vaccination. If Bear has an ear infection Dr. Angie can totally prescribe an antibiotic, but also has great ideas on how to help recover beneficial gut bacteria to prevent further infections. I’m also so grateful for her knowledge on vaccination. Rather than fear tactics, I found her factual, pros and cons approach refreshing. I don’t feel like she is influenced by outside pressures, but actually helps us make the right decision for our dog.


I would highly recommend using Dr. Angie as your primary care veterinarian!


Shayna and Bear

Dr. Angie is the definition of a doctor, a Latin word from the root docere, which means “to teach”.  
I first met Dr. Angie outside of her profession and she would talk to me about her patients.  It was clear that she cared deeply for them – so much that it took me a moment to realize she was talking about a dog or a cat and not a person!  Since then, my husband and I asked if she would become our cat’s doctor.  
Kittyface (yes, that’s her name ) is so calm with Dr. Angie, even as she puts in acupuncture needles.  Dr. Angie respects our needs as well.  Whatever questions we have are always answered, or researched until the answer is found.  I feel a part of our cat’s treatment, rather than just being told what to do.  I count Dr. Angie as one of the blessings in our life!

Elizabeth and Kittyface

I would highly recommend Angie as a holistic vet.  She is warm, professional and truly partners with you to find the best treatment options for your pet.  While she is incredibly smart and trained in best veterinary practices, she is knowledgeable of holistic approaches and treatments.  She is one of the best vets I have ever worked with.


I have a 17-year-old Jack Russell Terrier and was concerned about her nutrition and medications as well as safety issues (since her balance is becoming precarious). Dr. Angie and Claire reassured me about the steps I was taking and offered some suggestions for making my dog more comfortable. The right help at the right time! Thank you!

Barbara and Rusty

Angie has done such a great job with our dog, River, and really makes it a point to keep his vet experience positive, which we really appreciate. She’s been so helpful answering my questions along the way and helping me to navigate his dietary restrictions. 
I am a pet sitter and recommend her to my clients often, and many of my clients who use her have similar feedback. I’m so glad we decided to go with a holistic vet, I completely trust her. Thank you Angie!

Ben, Kara and River

I have had a holistic orientation for my own health for decades.  I believe in herbs as opposed to pharmaceuticals.
I appreciated the suggestion to get pet insurance.  I also appreciated your recommendation to take Orion to have his teeth checked and as you suspected, two needed to be pulled.   This is something that my previous Vet had not addressed.
As much as I appreciate the professional and holistic care, I so love the way you handle Orion.  Although, he doesn’t care for the nail trimming and the bottom shaving, you treat him with such respect and gentleness, we both appreciate you so much!

Patricia and Orion

Last year, our 15 year Jack Russell Terrier was diagnosed with cushing’s disease. Her appetite was out of control and she spent most of the time begging for or looking for food. We did not want to put her on prescription medicine hoping that there is an alternative/holistic way to help her. We found Dr. Krause information on-line and got it touch with her.
Dr. Krause came to our house to examine Zoe and recommended switching her to a raw-grain-free-diet, as well as including sauerkraut with her meals. We noticed a change in Zoe’s behavior and well being within two weeks; she was more relaxed and not as obsessive about food. Later, Dr. Krause also added Chinese herbs as a supplement, which helped Zoe feel even better.
Since then, Dr. Krause has helped Zoe in numerous ways. Her home visits are never rushed and always very helpful and informative. We are so glad to have Dr. Krause as our vet and we truly appreciate her gentle and holistic approach to healing.

Magda and Zoe

I called Angie when I learned that my 12 year old Golden Retriever, Ben,  had contracted Heartworm. I was scared; the traditional treatment for Heatworm disease was going to be painful and stressful to my senior dog and very expensive for me, so I was hopeful that Angie could provide a different course of action.
Angie and Claire came to my house to meet Ben.  They spent a lot of time talking with me and getting to know Ben; I felt that they were considering a plan of treatment/management that was specific to my dog, which was comforting. When the visit was over I was confident in the way we’d decided to proceed.
I am writing this almost one year after that initial meeting- Ben is now 13  years old and at this point is showing NO signs of Heartworm disease! We are managing the issue and he seems happy and comfortable. I am so glad that I chose to handle this issue with Angie’s help, as a believe that the traditional method of treatment would have been very hard on my senior pet. 

I appreciate Angie’s heart to protect Ben’s quality of life when she suggested a plan to treat him. I believe that he’s still going strong and enjoying life right now because we connected with Angie!!

Sharon and Ben

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