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Video Consultations with

Thank you for connecting with us! We love that you are considering a video consultation with Dr. Angie. The way we do medicine is changing, and we are incredibly grateful that we are able to use the Zoom video platform to support you and your pet, whether you are near or far. This is great progress!

Can My Pet Benefit from a Video Consultation?

As you are deciding whether a consultation would be of benefit to you and your pet, we want you to know what makes for a good fit consultation and what does not.

Consultations are GREAT fit if:

  • Your pet suffers from digestive Issues such as IBD, gastritis, loose stools, etc.
  • Your pet is itchy, has skin allergies, or other skin related issues
  • Your pet has been diagnosed with cancer
  • Your pet has been diagnosed with an Autoimmune Disease
  • Your pet has Kidney Disease (Chronic or Acute)
  • Your pet is suffering from arthritis
  • Your pet has anxiety
  • Your pet is exhibiting problematic behaviors that you would like to problem solve
  • You have questions about diet/supplements/or a medication protocol
  • You have questions about vaccines and their relevance to your pet’s specific needs
  • You would like support in navigating your pet’s quality of life and/or end of life care
  • You need a second opinion and/or support interpreting lab results and other diagnostic test results

Consultations are NOT a good fit for:

  • Wounds and abscesses
  • Acute injuries or acute pain
  • Eye diseases
  • Homeopathic care
  • Rabies Exemptions
  • Travel Certificates
  • Needing a Pet Expert Witness for a legal case
  • Replacement for an emergency vet visit. If your pet needs care, please take them ASAP!

Schedule Your Video Consultation Today!

If you have decided that a consultation is a supportive fit for you, we are excited to virtually meet you and your pet! Once you have completed the scheduling information, you’ll receive a zoom link for your scheduled consultation time and we will collect all of your pet’s medical records for Dr. Angie to review. After your consultation, you will receive a recording of your consultation for your personal records.

In Love & Gratitude,
Dr. Angie and JoJo

60 MIN

Video Consultation
$ 375
  • Includes records collection

45 MIN

Video Consultation
$ 290
  • Includes records collection

30 MIN

Video Consultation
$ 205
  • Includes records collection

*Please note that these video consultations are designed to help you advocate with your current veterinary team. A consultation does not allow Dr. Angie to prescribe any medications or become your pet’s veterinarian. If Dr. Angie has seen your pet (in the flesh…not just on a screen) she will still be able to prescribe medications. A physical exam is required every 12 months to maintain that doctor/patient relationship.

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