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Claire Primo, Veterinary Nurse for BHV

signs of a healthy cat

Understanding how your cat is feeling, what they enjoy, and if they are healthy can be a lot of work on your part! While you and your cat may have really great communication together, much of what’s happening in your cat’s life and in their health will be up to your interpretation. Recognizing the signs

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cbd dog treats

Making your own dog treats is fun, can save a ton of money while not sacrificing quality, and is usually more eco-friendly. Adding CBD into your recipe can also make it easier to give if your pup doesn’t love the taste. It’s basically a total win-win all around!  I love these CBD dog treats because

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alternatives to declawing

Sharing your life with a cat (or ten) requires that both you and your cat make adjustments in order to cohabitate together in a peaceful, nourishing and healthy environment. Our cats are born with many natural instincts that we must help humanely manage, one of the biggest being scratching. For many years, declawing cats was

5 Healthy Alternatives to Declawing and Why to Consider Them Read More »

smoothies for dogs

I’m a huge fan of smoothies! The nutritional benefits of these tasty, easy meals are endless and they are so easy to modify based on your mood or current condition. Smoothies are excellent vessels for antioxidants and anti-inflammatory or immune boosting superfoods. In fact they are so good, they really should not be limited to

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Is reverse sneezing in dogs dangerous?

If you have ever witnessed your dog reverse sneezing, you might have felt panic and worry that they couldn’t breathe. Reverse sneezing in dogs is common and has several causes. In this article, I am going to explain what is happening when your dog has an episode of reverse sneezing, why your dog has these

How Dangerous is Reverse Sneezing in Dogs? Read More »

Holistic Approach to Cat Asthma: 8 Helpful Treatments

Cat asthma is a common inflammatory condition in and is usually diagnosed around 5 years of age. Most cats with asthma will experience coughing or possibly trouble breathing. In this article, I am going to outline the symptoms of asthma, how asthma is diagnosed, and how I treat my patients using a holistic approach. Cat

Holistic Approach to Cat Asthma: 8 Helpful Treatments Read More »

What Foods Can Dogs Eat?

“What foods can dogs eat?” is a common question among dog parents. The desire to share food with your pup is natural. Food is love after all. It can be confusing to know what’s appropriate to feed your dog and what may be toxic. In this article, I am going to share foods to avoid

What Foods Can Dogs Eat? 5 Toxic Foods To Avoid Read More »

Cat Hairballs

There is nothing worse than stepping on a hairball with your bare foot. If you are regularly cleaning up these gross wads of hair, you will probably do anything to make them stop. Cat hairballs are never normal and usually indicate something is wrong.  In this article, I am going to go over common causes

Cat Hairballs: Why They Happen & 5 Ways To Stop Them Read More »

cat is not eating

Cats can stop eating for a variety of different reasons, but one thing is always true: it’s stressful when your cat is not eating! In this article, I’m going to discuss the most common reasons cats refuse meals, steps to help jumpstart their appetite, and when not eating becomes an emergency.  Why did my cat

Help! My Cat Is Not Eating! 7 Steps To Take Now Read More »

noise phobia in dogs

It’s the time of year where holiday fireworks and crackling thunderstorms leave dogs who suffer from noise phobia terrified, and their pup parents stressed to the max. The fear of loud noises, or noise phobia in dogs is extremely common. They hear sounds four times farther away and at nearly twice the frequency, so what’s

Noise Phobia in Dogs: 3 Helpful Ways to Reduce Stress Read More »

travel with your cat

Let’s just get right down to it: travel with your cat can be stressful.  Cats are extremely territorial animals, so any change in their environment can feel overwhelming and threatening. This includes changing/moving homes, change in people or animals within their environment, switching or moving furniture, and you guessed it, travel.  The thing is, travel

4 Proven Tips for Stress-Free Travel with your Cat Read More »

We’ve all seen a YouTube video (or two) of kitties using human toilets to do their business. While it’s so impressive, I still use the old-school litter box approach for now! But even that isn’t flaw-proof, and a cat regularly (or even periodically) urinating outside of their litter box can result in huge relationship strains

Litter Box Issues in Cats – Urinating Outside of the Box Read More »

Nail Trims for Your Dog

Dog nail trims can feel really stressful, especially when it’s your dog. As a veterinary nurse, I provide this service to pet parents on a regular basis, but I still have moments where I put off performing them on my own dogs because I feel nervous.  The thing is, with the proper tools and understanding,

Nail Trims for Your Dog Read More »

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