5 Ways to Create a Catastic Life

Like most cat parents, you want only the very best things for your kitty companion. I want that for your cat too! There are so many ways to boost your cat’s quality of life, therefore allowing them to live healthier, happier, and fuller lives with you. 

Here are 5 simple ways you can help your cat to live their very BEST life!!  

1. Annual Check-ups

While an annual exam may not make your cat’s top ten list, these check ups certainly help to keep your kitty thriving. Cats tend to receive less veterinary care than their canine counterparts which can lead to overlooked health needs.  Routine exams help identify dental disease, body condition, masked pain, and can identify changes in heart and lung health, increasing your cat’s quality of life.

If you opt out of annual exams because of the anxiety that vet visits may cause your feline companion, look for a local vet who makes house calls or discuss a pre-appointment, mild sedative with your regular vet. The goal here is for your cat to live a long and healthy life with as much ease and as little stress as possible.

2.  Environmental Enrichment

Let’s face it, an indoor life can lack stimulation for cats, and not all of us are equipped to jump on the catio craze.  So what can you do to spice up your environment and help your cat live their best life?  

You can increase your cat’s quality of life by giving them lots of access to windows. You can grab a window perch from online stores like Chewy, that allow your cat unlimited viewing access to the wild outdoors.  You can easily add scratching posts and climbing areas to any indoor area too. Reward puzzle solving with treats, and rotate toys that encourage movement.  Anything you can do to activate the mind and body of your cat is going to increase their happiness quotient! 

3.  Nutrition

There are entire social media feeds dedicated to chunky kitties and I’ll be the first to admit that I find them adorable!  But, sadly, obesity in cats can lead to a less than best life.  You can help add quality years to your kitty’s life by evaluating your cat’s diet and nutritional needs. Head over to nurse Claire’s blog to calculate how many calories your cat requires, or even better, check out Claire’s blog on how to boost you cat’s quality of life by kicking kibble to the curb!

If you want to kick mealtime up another notch, initiate your cat’s prey drive with toys like da bird followed by their dinner. This can help them feel as though they have hunted their meal.  Mealtime enrichment (aka exercise) and a quality diet are certain to help your feline be in tip-top shape.  

4.  Grooming

Grooming is a richer experience than simply having a detangled cat. The benefits of grooming are mutually beneficial. Score! Take a little bit of time, even just a couple of minutes every few days, to brush your cat. In brushing your cat, you will reduce the amount of ingested hair from self-grooming.

You will also have a prime opportunity to check for parasites such as fleas and ticks, or skin abnormalities. In addition, you are likely to feel calmer and more connected, and your cat will soon receive these moments of brushing as something wonderful too.  

5.  Bring the Outdoors In

Cats tend to love plants just as much as we do, and so often cat parents find they have to remove plants to keep their cat safe. The key here is to know which plants are cat friendly and which plants are toxic. Great plants to add to your home for your cat’s quality of life are Catnip, Lemongrass, Licorice Root, and Wheatgrass. You can even have pet friendly plants delivered to your front door from companies like The Sill and Bloomscape.

If you choose to shop your local nursery,  keep this list of toxic plants handy. Your cat will enjoy smelling, chewing, and maybe even rolling around your indoor garden and that is certain to bring health and happiness to the entire household.  

How do you enrich the life of your cat? I’d love to hear in the comments below!

Veterinary Nurse for BHV

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