Problems Placing Order

Problems Placing Orders

The top most common problems placing orders are: the “add to cart” button doesn’t work or you can’t login to place you order. If you’re having issues login into the account, please follow the instructions here

If the problem is the “add to cart” button, then follow the instructions below. This kind of problem is usually caused by either a conflict with a browser, plugin or extension. 

1. Cache and Cookies

Cookies are small files located in browser directories that store information about a user’s interaction with specific websites. WordPress requires the use of cookies during the login process. If cookies are not enabled, WordPress login can’t occur.

The browser cache refers to the temporary files stored on your web browser when you access a web page. If your cache is not updating properly you may be viewing older versions of some of the files that support WordPress.


Luckily, cache and cookie issues are usually easily fixed. First, check that cookies are enabled and then clear both your browser cache and cookies.

2. Plugins, Add-Ons, or Extensions

All Internet browsers allow for the use of extensions, which are small programs that extend the functionality of a browser. This document contains information on how to disable or remove an extension.


There are simple ways to disable or remove an extension. Consider disabling any plugins, add-ons, or extensions on your browser, and trying once again.

A simple solution is to use an incognito window in your browser. This automatically doesn’t use any plugins, add-ons, or extensions. If you can login easily from the incognito window, then it would benefit you to disable them one, then try to login again. If it doesn’t work, then the problem could be another plugin, add-on or extension. If it does, the problem is the one that is disabled.

At that point, you can consider keeping that plugin, add-on or extension disabled or using a new browser.

3. Browser

There are times when browsers don’t support certain features from website, causing compatibility issues. 


Sometimes the problem is as simple as switching over to a new browser. Use another browser in your computer or even your phone to see if the problem happens again or if it’s solved. 

4. Nothing Works

If nothing is working, please contact us and let us know so we can look at possible problems from our end.

Thank you.