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Everything You Need to Know About CBD for Your Pet

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The Miracle Herb was designed to solve the most common challenges that our community of pet parents are dealing with.

Any of these sound familiar?

  • How much is too much? I’m afraid to give too much CBD to my pet or worse, not enough to be effective.
  • Can CBD help my pet with pain?
  • Is giving my pet CBD dangerous?
  • I’ve shopped CBD products and there is too much conflicting information about CBD and thc. who do i believe?
  • How do you recommend giving CBD for my cat? What about my dog?
  • My pet’s suffered from anxiety for many years. Can CBD help at all?
  • There’s so much information about CBD and THC that it’s difficult to understand what’s true, what’s fake, and what’s the difference!

If this sounds familiar, don’t worry – you’re not alone. The Miracle Herb is designed to help you start using cannabis for your pet confidently and safely.


I am so excited to offer you The Miracle Herb after years of experience with pets locally and around the world. So many pet parents have been able to transform their pet’s life with CBD. Here are some of my favorite stories.

Lynn M.
"Channy is doing fabulous!"
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Channy is doing fabulous!!!! Hi Dr. Angie! Just an update on Channy. She is doing fabulous!!!! Three drops of CBD 2X a day along with three of the Perelandra Microbial Balancing solutions seems to be the magic formula for her. She is walking so much better and jumping on and off the couch again! Channy and I are so very grateful for Dr. Krause.
" We are so grateful to have found you and CBD!"
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My son and I adopted Gopher 4 years ago from a local shelter. He was traumatized as a pup and very challenging to train. During the past 4 years, we have tried many different combinations of medications and therapy to help Gopher overcome his anxiety, fear, and inability to focus. Recently, at the recommendation of a close friend, we tried CBD and almost immediately have noticed a positive change in Gopher’s disposition (without the sedation side effects of his previous medications)! He is back to swimming, playing fetch and continues to improve his focus, enabling him to learn new commands. We are so grateful to have found you and CBD!
Shayna L.
Shayna L.
"Within a week Onya miraculously became part of our family again!"
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Onya, our 19 year old cat, was my first companion after graduating from college. She has been with me through meeting my husband (whom she instantly loved), marriage, the birth of two kids, moving to California and finally settling in Boulder. She has been a champ. 3 years ago we brought home a puppy and she took one look at him and ran upstairs in disgust. We all thought that she would eventually get over it. She didn’t. Onya slept in our crawl space and only came out to eat for 3 years! That’s a serious grudge.

Recently, Onya developed kidney disease. There is not a lot we can do. I called Dr. Angie to ask if CBD might help her just feel a bit better. We agreed it was worth a try. Within a week Onya miraculously became part of our family again. She comes downstairs regularly!!!! Her and Bear are even friends!

I wish I would have given her CBD 3 years ago! But better late than never. We are all soooooo thankful to have our sweet cat back.
Loni E.
Loni E.
"His quality of life has drastically improved!"
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Pug My pug is doing better than ever on CBD. Before switching him to CBD and increasing the dose, he was often restless and anxious when he was in pain, which was almost every day at some point in the day. Ever since increasing his dose to 7 mg twice daily (was giving 1 mg twice daily and worked my way up to an effective dose per your suggestion) his arthritis has been totally under control and he is never restless or anxious anymore. I didn't really notice how restless he was until we got it under control, and now I feel bad I didn't start this sooner! He is a different dog!

Thank you again for your amazing advice. His quality of life has drastically improved!


  • How to give the correct dose to your pet
  • How to choose the right product for your pet
  • How to stop negative behaviors naturally
  • How to Control or eliminate chronic conditions easily
  • How to Give CBD to picky pets
  • How to prevent overdosing your pet
  • How to prevent complications if your pet is already on mediCations
  • How to apply it orally AND topically
  • How to use CBD to help an elderly pet live comfortably
  • And so much more....
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Normally $97... Now Just $47!


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