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3 Ways To Get Your Cat To Drink More Water

3 ways to get your cat to drink more water boulder holistic vet angie krause

Cats are notorious for being dehydrated.

It is so hard sometimes to encourage them to drink water. They are desert animals and tend to be poor water consumers. Unfortunately, this dehydration can worsen kidney and bladder disease. Here are few easy ways to increase the amount of moisture in your cat’s diet.

  • Water fountain. Many cats prefer moving, fresh water. Some cats enjoy the water left at the bottom of the shower or sink. If possible, allow them to consume this water. This is the fountain I use in my house. If your cat is sensitive to plastic try a ceramic fountain instead.
  • Wet or raw food only. Kibble is a total disaster for cats from a moisture perspective. Canned or raw diets contain much more moisture. You can even add water to canned or raw diets if your cat will allow it.
  • Flavored water. Flavoring the water with tuna juice or chicken broth can make the water more appealing as well. If you use tuna juice, ensure it is tuna canned in spring water. Sardines in spring water are also a good choice. Check out my chicken broth recipe here.

Water is so important for your cat’s long term health. If you notice that your cat is drinking water and urinating more, please see your veterinarian immediately. This could be a sign of a more serious condition such as diabetes or kidney disease.

How do you get your cat to drink water?

With love,
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